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Welcome to the Flipchat1 Forums!

Hello! Welcome to Flipchat1! We are a Flipping chat on Runescape solely based on 1/4 items and 2/4 items. You might be wondering, "What are 1/4 and 2/4 items?" That's simple, you can get one of those items every four hours, or two of those items every four hours! Get to know how to navigate this site, and you'll be making millions in no time!
Here's how it works:

You buy the item at the set margin price, in this case, it was Armadyl Gloves price at 3,200,000 gp. And the forum price would have say "Ag 3200K - 3600K", that means to buy it for 3200K, and sell it for 3600K!

You then mark up the price to 3600K. That's a 400K profit! But how does that work, you might ask? Well, there are people who don't wish to wait for items to come to them at a low price, so they try to instantly buy the item from you by marking up the price....And yes! That's when it sells! My motto is: "Flipping is defined as preying on people's impatience to buy low and sell high"

by trobro 8 months ago
by bhelm over a year ago